Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Download Recuva1.53 For Free.

Posted By: Richard Branson - March 07, 2018

Free Recuva version 1.53 Download.

Recuva is software developed to recover deleted files. You can download Latest Recuva software for Free from our site. Our .exe files are clean, and do not come with virus or any other added software meant to harm your computer.

Recuva undelete all the files that may have been deleted accidentally or you may have formatted your drive losing important files that were stored inside.

The software has been developed by Piriform and works with all windows operating system.
Recuva can recover files deleted from USB flash drives, hard disk drives, memory cards, portable media players or any other storage medium.

It also comes with different language based with your country. The software also has been updated and has great features that will suit you.

Below are some of the features that come with Recuva 1.53.

  • Recuva is portable and you can carry it with you to wherever you want.
  • It can recover lost files on your computer, USB drive or any drive deleted or formatted accidentally.
  • Can recover your deleted emails in Microsoft outlook, Mozilla or Windows Live.
  •  Securely delete files you want to remove permanently.
  •  Has deep scan feature to look for more deep buried files.
  •  Easier to install.
  • Comes with multiple languages to help suite yours needs better.


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